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The affiliation rate is 24,000,000 COP, the monthly support fee for members over 40 years is 1,117,200 COP (VAT included). You will get a discount of 20,000 COP per month by paying with Diners credit cards. For members over 30 and under 40 years, the monthly maintenance fee will be 50% of the monthly maintenance fee, i.e. 558,600 COP (VAT included). By paying with a Diners credit card, you will obtain a discount of 10,000 COP per month.

Under 30-year-old members’ children may apply to join the club, subject to approval by the board of directors, as provided in the corporation’s bylaws. The fee for a member’s child will be 25% of the current natural person membership fee, a value equal to 6,000,000 COP, paid at the time the new member is approved by the board of directors.
A member’s child approved by the board of directors shall automatically activate his or her entitlement upon reaching the age of 30, at that time he or she shall pay the equivalent of 50% of the monthly maintenance fee, until he or she reaches the age of 40, when he or she shall pay the full monthly maintenance fee.

It can only be offered if the number of corporate members is less than nineteen related entities, due to compliance with the agreements with Serena Del Mar.
The entrance rate is 48,000,000 COP, the corporate entities may have up to three beneficiaries, the monthly maintenance fees per beneficiary will be according to the following information:

  • 1 or 2 memberships, 1.75% natural person membership fee.
  • 3 memberships, 1.75% plus 70% of the natural person membership fee divided by three.